Day 16 - MSDT Prep Day 2

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Another awesome day here at Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo, Florida as I finish up a few more specialty instructor ratings.  We finished the Deep Diver and Wreck Diver ratings today, as well as Night Diver tonight.

Our first dive was on the Spiegel Grove this morning, running lines and doing some penetration.  We then motored over to the Benwood again and dropped off the ledge into almost 90 feet of water, where we timed each other performing skills to see what the effects of depth were.  I was able to tie a bowline as fast at depth as I was on the boat, so I guess I'm pretty good at tying knots! ;-) Either that, or I didn't narc out.  On the swim back to the boat, I got to see a spotted eagle ray... REALLY awesome!

We had the afternoon off, and I did some exploring of Key Largo before having to be back at the docks at 7:30 for the night dive.

We boarded the Tropical Odyssey and headed out to Molasses Reef for the night dive, where we moored at the Winch hole and splashed.  Really amazing dive - almost an hour long, and in addition to the skills we practiced, I got to see my first nurse shark, some decent sized grouper (but we missed out on the Goliath they call "Moe"), a HUGE lobster (and yes, my mouth was watering!), an eel, a HUGE turtle, and lots of other fish.

On the boat ride back to the dock, Ross pulled me and two other students aside and taught us how to teach dry suit diving.  One more specialty course to finish up for Search and Recovery.

We are definitely going to have to schedule some trips here to the Keys again, and do some more "fun" diving!  I haven't been able to connect to my GoPro yet, hopefully at least some of the photos and videos come out OK.  I was logging some of my dives and realized that I logged my 150th dive and 100+ hours of diving as an Open Water Scuba Instructor while here on this trip.  Pretty cool milestone to log as an OWSI.

I'm exhausted from a long day - rather a long few weeks - of hard work and diving! I'm headed to bed for a bright and early 7:30 dive!

Have a great night!


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