Day 13 - Instructor Exam Day 1

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Well, today was the BIG day of the Instructor Exams.  We started bright and early at the pool this morning at 7:00 AM.  The first thing we had to do was demonstrate, with instructor quality, 5 of the many skills that are taught during scuba lessons.  The skills that we were assigned were: Regulator Recovery and Clear, Mask Remove and Replace, CESA, Neutral Buoyancy Rise and Fall, and Alternate Air Source.

The skills are scored on a scale of 1 - 5, with a 5 being the best score you can receive.  I got all fives on this portion - good to go!

The next part was to do a Confined Water Skill presentation and evaluation with our "students" (which consist of our other classmates, and each were assigned a "problem" to present for correction by the examiner.)  Scored a 5 out of 5 on that, too...  Yay!

Then it was back to the hotel for the written exams... yes, that's plural.  There are a total of 6 exams in 6 different topics, including: Dive Physics, Dive Physiology, Dive Equipment, Dive Skills and Environment, the Recreational Dive Planner, and General Standards and Procedures.  I did well on all of the exams... except physics.  Had I just answered one more question correctly, I would have passed!  Go figure... I tutor and help with everyone getting stuck on the physics portion of the exam - and that's the one that I miss!  I will be the first person to say - I had a major brain fart! I didn't take my time, and missed such simple things, as well as misreading one of the questions - it was enough to fail the exam.  Fortunately, though, I did well on the other written exams, and I can retake the one section that I missed tomorrow morning.

Finally, there was the classroom "Knowledge Development Review" portion of the exam.  My topic was a question from the Adventures in Diving Knowledge Review for Wreck Diving.  Keep in mind that PADI is really good about creating presentations and providing material from which to teach... except when it comes to Adventures in Diving... :-)  So, I spent some time last night developing my own PowerPoint presentation to teach from, and also made a late night run to KMart to pick up some fishing line and nails, which I used in combination with a cut open soda can as part of my non-diving teaching aids for the presentation.  Total score... 4.8 out of 5.

So, this evening, I was determined to study for the Physics exam again.  So I took 4 quizzes - both from the Rainbow Reef preparation site and from some others that I have.  Out of 4 quizzes, my average score was 100%.  So I'm confident that it's not that I don't know the material and how to perform the calculations - but rather that my brain decided to quit working the moment I read question #1 on the test and entirely shut down.  So... now that I'm prepared to jump into the frigid water of physics in the morning... I'll do fine.

Tomorrow we head back to Jules' Undersea Lodge for the Open Water portion of the exam.  I have to be able to present two skills and have the students safely carry them out.

Got some laundry done tonight, too... it's been a LONG 13 days and was officially out of clothing.

Early to bed tonight to get some rest before tomorrow.  Have a good night, all!


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