Day 12 - Emergency First Response Instructor and IE Orientation

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Well, the IDC is now behind us...

Today, we were certified as Emergency First Response Instructors, so we are now all certified to teach CPR, AED, and First Aid!

We then held a little "graduation" ceremony and finalized our paperwork that states that we had successfully completed the IDC, and that we were applying to take the Instructor Exams! We were each presented with a red polo with the Rainbow Reef logo, the PADI logo on one sleeve and "IDC 2015" on the other sleeve - the same shirts that our Course Directors and Staff Instructors had worn all week.

We put those red shirts on PROUDLY this evening and headed down the road to a local hotel for the IE Orientation.  I never thought it would feel so good to wear that red shirt - but there was definitely a sense of "wow, I'm almost an instructor" and a feeling that you WERE an instructor as everyone at the docks seemed to look up to us as such when we got there.

The evaluators introduced themselves and gave us a lot of information about what was in store for us this weekend.  There are 9 other students from several other IDCs in the IE - but there was definitely a ton of red shirts in that room, and Rainbow Reef was well represented!

Our evaluators are Georgia Hausserman and Gary Crue, and both seem very knowledgeable and, more important, pleasant! We were also assigned our teaching topics for the Knowledge Development (classroom) presentations, as well as the confined water and open water skills.

I'm presenting from the Adventures in Diving course - I have to review a question on Wreck Diving (one of my favorites - and certainly one 1) Regulator Recovery and 2) Free Flowing Regulator Breathing.

For Open Water, the two topics that I'll have to evaluate with my "students" are: 1) Alternate Air Source Use (stationary), and 2) Rigging and Lifting an Object to the surface.  I'm well versed in both of those skills, particularly lift bags - so I'm more confident right now than I have been all week.

We are all also required to give instructor quality demonstrations of the following skills:

  1. Regulator Recovery and Clear
  2. Mask Remove and Replace
  3. The Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA)
  4. Neutral Buoyancy Rise and Fall
  5. Alternate Air Source (Stationary)

There will also be written tests on the following topics:

  • Dive Physics
  • Dive Physiology
  • Equipment
  • Skills and Environment
  • Recreational Dive Planner
  • General Standards and Procedures

So, it's to the pool and ready to dive tomorrow morning at 7:30... then the presentations, and then the written exams... so it will be a busy day!

Sunday will be open water dives...

So wish me knowledge... and remember "IE" doesn't stand for "Instructor Exam"... it really means "It's EASY!!"


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  • Rob: I wish you knowledge, peace, and wisdom! And when you do the CESA in confined water, don’t go like a bat out of hell like I did!
    Be well!

    Pat on

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