Day 11 - Instructor Development Course

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Today was the last day of the Instructor Development Course (IDC)! I would like to thank the professional staff at Rainbow Reef Dive Center for the amazing job that they have done in preparing our class of 12 students for the upcoming Instructor Exams (IE) this weekend.  You all have done an amazing job of teaching us over the last week what we are going to need to know in order to impart our Scuba Knowledge upon our future students, you have honed our skills and abilities as divers, and have been able to get us to the point that our skills are of instructor quality - and we are now able to develop lesson plans and course material in order to provide a solid foundation to new divers, as well as increase the knowledge, safety, and ability of diver's enrolled in continuing education.  There;s no doubt in my mind that the staff here, consisting of 7 PADI Course Directors, 4 Staff Instructors, and other professional staff to numerous to count, have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and most important - patience - to be able to turn this group of 12 into PADI Instructors.

Today we presented our final knowledge development review, completed another set of Theory Exams, and then spent the entire afternoon in the pool presenting our final Confined Water Presentations, and then practicing all of the skills that we are going to teach until we were able to perform them with Instructor Quality and with scores of a 5.

Having passed the IDC, we are now considered "Assistant Instructors", and have moved up a notch on the PADI professional level!

We were able to partake in an evening of celebration to mark the end of a tough week of classes - and had a much needed "night off" from our studies and preparations.

Tomorrow we take our Emergency First Response Instructor course, and following dinner I was able to sit down and complete the Instructor Knowledge Reviews for the course tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening... it's the orientation to the IE (which, according to our staff here stands for "It's Easy!", and given the amount of time, energy, and work involved in getting to this point, I believe that they are right!).

Saturday and Sunday will consist of our exams... so wish me knowledge and hopefully by Sunday... we will be able to start our "fun" classes of Master Scuba Diver Trainer Prep - learning how to teach our "wish list" of specialty courses.

So, for now, good night!


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