Day 9 - Instructor Development Course

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Bright and early this morning, we all packed our dive gear and headed for Jules' Undersea Lodge, one of the training sites that is used for the Instructor Development Course here.  You can check out more information about this really neat facility at  Our first order of the day - Skill 7 from Rescue Diver! You find an unresponsive diver at the surface, and have to be able to provide rescue breaths (both with and without a pocket mask) while also removing all of the diver's gear, your gear, and towing to safety.

Following that circuit, we went beneath the surface and had a session with our lead course director on positioning of students while giving presentations, then worked on our knots as well as rigging and lifting with a lift bag and safely conducting that skill session with students.

Afterwards... an 800 yard swim test.  If you look at the photo below, that's 8 times around the lagoon, wearing only mask, fins, and snorkel without lifting your head (other than momentarily to make sure you're headed in the right direction!

After that tiring swim, it was back to the apartments for lunch, and then a fun filled afternoon with more Risk Management topics, teaching the PADI Adventures in Diving Course, and teaching the Dive Master Course.

Then, it's back to the apartment where it's time to prepare our presentations for tomorrow morning - both classroom and open water.

So, it's been a long day - and there's lots to do tomorrow! But, I'm sure that you'll be back to read all about it then!

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  • You are doing great! Thanks for the posts, really enjoying them. Lots of energy being sent your way!

    Pat on

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