Day 8 - Instructor Development Course

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We started this morning learning about teaching the Rescue Diver course, Risk Management, and how to conduct open water dives with students.  After lunch, we headed to the docks and got boarded up on the Voyager.  As we were headed to the dive site, a pod of dolphins started playing in our wake!

The dive site was a nice sandy area with about 21' of depth.  We had 86° water and awesome visibility.  I was diving a little bit light, and will need to add about 2 lbs of lead for the rest of the week.  The demonstrations all went really well.  We did our briefings at the dock before we left, the in-water demos at the dive site (I got to do release of weights to establish positive buoyancy, and regulator recovery and clear). We spent more than an hour in the water! Woo HOO!!!

Didn't have much of a chance to explore or check things out as we were busy dealing with the required skills.  There's definitely no chance of taking photos while we are in class, either.  They say, though, that the fun starts during our MSDT training next week, and there may be photo ops and time to have fun during those dives.

The debriefing was done on the boat on the way back to the dock.  I think we all did really well today - there are a lot more variables to be on the watch for while diving in open water (especially with a little bit of current/waves/surge).

It's been a great day - and I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Have a great night, folks!


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