Day 7 - Instructor Development

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What a day!  We spent the morning learning more about the PADI system - including General Standards and Procedures, the Business of Diving, Marketing Diving, and Teaching PADI Specialty Courses before we broke into groups again and prepared for our afternoon pool session where we were to complete our Confined Water Dive 2-3 skills demonstrations.

Following a quick lunch it was off to the pool, where I'm proud to say my team was first to be kitted up and in the water, again! (we get bonus points from our instructors each day for various things - and there's a contest between the two teams for the most points throughout the IDC for some awesome Rainbow Reef swag...)

The pool sessions went really well today - I was much more comfortable giving the presentations today than I was the other day.

Following about 4 hours in the pool, it was back to the apartment.

Then off to dinner with some awesome people - and learned a lot about the inside of running a dive business!  We ate at "Sharkey's" - a local pub that's right next door to Ocean Divers - where some of the folks I know back home in Pennsylvania are alumni.  There were several instructors from there at the pub tonight - and having spoken to some of them, and our instructors, and a few "inside" comments - I'm satisfied (as I have been since getting here) that I made the right choice for my IDC and IE... and I'm glad I'm here at Rainbow Reef where there are about 8 or 9 Course Directors, Several Staff Instructors, and a multitude of other Instructors, Divemasters, and staff that assist with our IDC - there is no way that you can beat the experience and training that walks into the classroom each day here.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day, as we are taking the boat out for our first Open Water teaching presentations!  Finally, I'll get to dive in the waters of Key Largo!  I'm really looking forward to it, as one of the roommates in the apartment here is doing a three month program from Open Water through Instructor and is in the process of building a log book and getting to 100 dives - and keeps telling us about all of the awesome things that are being seen on the dives here - including sharks, rays, goliath grouper, and much, much more!

The downside is there's no way to take a camera with me during training dives - so it sounds like most of the pictures and video that I promised will have to wait until I get to MSDT training...

Have a good night folks, I'm signing off and headed to bed.


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