Day 6 - Instructor Development Course

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Today was another long day, and we spent the entire day in the classroom.  We spent the morning talking about the PADI system, and how things progress through the educational experience with PADI for divers, and why things make sense the way they're laid out.  We also talked about children and scuba diving, and some valuable resources that I can use to get more kids interested in the sport.

We talked about the General Standards and Procedures for the Open Water Diver Course, and began learning how to Develop Knowledge Development presentations.  We then completed our assignments for our first presentations, and my team did really well in our presentations, all scoring over a 4 out of a possible 5.

We finished the day up with the "Keep Diving" concept and how to develop diver retention programs - which was really interesting for me opening a new shop.

I also spoke with the owner here at Rainbow today, and had a nice conversation about dive shops, and plan on continuing that conversation with him one of these evenings over a Dr. Pepper, or dinner perhaps.

The evening was spent working on homework, and preparing another two confined water presentations for tomorrow, as we're back in the pool in the afternoon.

I spent the whole day today thinking it was Friday - so I lost a day here somewhere... It's already been a busy week, and it sounds like it just keeps getting busier as we move along.

Dinner tonight, however, was a very enjoyable experience, as I had mussels over linguine with a scampi sauce, a side salad, and bread from a local restaurant right down the street.  The food was amazing...

Have a good night!


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