Day 5 - Instructor Development Course

Posted by Robert Lippmann on

Ok, it's been a long day today, and this is going to be a short blog post.  We started out in the classroom today. After several presentations on topics ranging from Learning Instruction to PADI General Standards and Procedures, we were given our assignments for the various presentations and prescriptive lessons that we would be teaching throughout the IDC, and then broke for lunch with the knowledge that we would be presenting one of said lessons at the pool this afternoon.

So, following a quick sandwich in the apartment we all headed to the pool for our opportunity to shine and do a confined water presentation.

I was assigned a "partial mask flood and clear" and had to present it to my students, by both describing and then demonstrating, and then having the students perform the skill and then remediation of any issues with the performance. It was nerve-wracking! Not so much because of the skill (as I am relatively comfortable with the skills, themselves), but more-so because of all of the OTHER things going on that you have to be able to multi-task and keep up with.  Needless to say, I didn't do as well on my presentation as I had hoped - but that's ok, because there's a whole week to practice and practice, and practice some more.

Anywho, I'm beat - finished up the evening with studying the EFRI manual and starting some of the knowledge reviews for that.

Have a great night...


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  • Keep up the great work! It does get easier!

    Pat on

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