Day 4 - First Day of IDC

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So, we got all settled in to the apartment that is provided as part of the IDC here, and I'm lying in bed and hear glass breaking outside - as in outside right where I parked my car.  I jump out of bed, slip into my flip flops, and go running outside because I was certain that someone broke into my car.  Found that someone had run off the road across US1 and into a utility pole and ditch.  So it was an interesting first night here in Key Largo!

This morning, we woke up and found our way to the classroom.  The first part of the morning was spent completing paperwork and getting some of the general "housekeeping" out of the way.  After introducing ourselves to our fellow classmates (there are a total of 12 of us in this IDC from around the world and across the United States) we were broken into two groups.

My group headed for the pool first...

Once at the pool, the course director did a briefing, and we assembled our gear and got in the water.  We went through a number of shallow water and deep water confined water skills - first with the Course Director demonstrating the skill, and then the candidates practicing "demonstrating" the skill to our imaginary class - under the watchful eye of the Course Directors.  Any problems that popped up in our demonstrations were taken care of, and I believe that all six of us did fairly well with the skills.

I was amazed at how little weight I was wearing - a grand total of 6 pounds!  That's a far cry to the boat anchor I wore back in PA with a 7 mm wetsuit or drysuit!

Once we were done in the pool, we broke for lunch and then met back at the classroom for the afternoon. Today, we got to take an "Instructor Exam" which consists of 5 sections - Physics, Physiology, Equipment, General Skills and Environment, and Recreational Dive Planner.  This is the same as the actual Instructor's Exam - although the practice exam had 20 questions for each section while the actual exam has 12 questions in each section.  I was pleased that I only missed a total of two questions - on two different sections, so I was doing pretty well.

We also got our Emergency First Response Instructor material today, and had some homework assignments for the evening.

Now that those are complete, and I've had a little bit of dinner... it's time to get some shut-eye.  Class starts at 7:45 each day, and the schedule has us in class until 6:00 PM, but that's subject to change (translated - you'll be in class a lot longer than that!).

Have a good night - and we'll be back again tomorrow!

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  • WTG Rob! Thanks for the update. Sending positive vibes your way!

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