Day 1 - Packing...

Posted by Robert Lippmann on

So, I spent the lion's share of the day gathering clothes (mostly bathing suits!) and scuba gear that I'll need during my adventure in Key Largo over the next several weeks.

Not wanting to forget anything, I actually used a checklist which I developed by combining one that I had posted a link to on our social media sites and using the #PADI standards and guidelines list of required equipment for instructors. I found the checklist EXTREMELY helpful, and have actually laminated one to keep handy for the next excursion.

Somewhere in there, I sold a cylinder to Laurel Divers, a local dive club, for their treasure hunt dive next month (too bad I'll miss out, but next year!) Thanks for the business!

Now... My hairs are all cut, the car is fueled up and packed, and there are just a few more things to throw in tomorrow morning.

I'm excited...

I'm nervous...

I can't wait to begin this adventure!

Let's go DIVING!!!

Talk at you all tomorrow...


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